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Metal Or Plastic Cut Card $13.99

Duplicate $9.99

Double-Sided Metal $24.99

Duplicate $19.99

(Double-Sided Cards Available In Metal Only)

"$4.25 Shipping"

First Class Parcel W/ USPS Tracking

Please Keep In Mind That These Items Are Personalized And Made To Order.

I Want To Get Them To You As Quick As Possible.

Items Will Generally Ship Out In 2 Weeks Or Sooner!

(First Class Parcel W/ USPS Tracking)


Please Keep In Mind Quality Can Only Be As Good As The Artwork Provided...Most File Types Are Fine But Please Provided Them At 300 Dots Per Inch Or Larger!

I Am Willing To Do The Artwork For Free...If It Is Something That Can Be Done In Minimal Time.

If You Cannot Provide The Artwork Needed To Design Your Card And It Is Time Consuming...There Will Be A $10.00 Charge.

Cut Card Sizes

There Are Basically 2 Sizes When It Comes To Playing Cards. Please Know What You Are Dealing With.

Bridge Size Or "Casino/Card Room" 3.5 X 2.25

Poker Size Or "Store Bought" 3.5 X 2.50

Poker Dealers...Most Casinos/Card Rooms Use The Smaller Bridge Size Cards.

Home Game Dealers...Most Use Store-Bought Or Poker Size Cards.

If You Are Unsure Please Take A Minute And Measure!

* If You Would Like To Purchase A Large Quantity Of The Same Card

Please E-mail:

Or Call: 702-625-2755

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